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In this FAQ we hopefully answer the most urgent questions concerning your (actually planned) visit to Miniatur Wunderland during the days of COVID-19.

We are open

Dear guests,

tickets can be booked for dates from this date, without risk, you can cancel (until 48h before you original booked appointment) or rebook your tickets before your visit!

You can read in detail here what such a visit to us looks like in times of Covid-19.

The most important current rules in brief:

  • Mask requirement: During the visit, all visitors (from 7 years of age) must wear a medical mask (FFP2 or FFP3 without valve, KN95 or surgical mask).
  • Test evidence: For a visit every visitos from 7 years of age need a negative corona test (rapid test from a test center not older than 24 hours, PCR test not older than 48 hours) or alternatively a vaccination certificate (EU approved vaccine, last vaccination at least 14 days ago) or one Detection of genes (positive PCR test, at least 28 days and max. 6 months old).
  • COVID-19 test center: You don't need to panic and run to a test center, from May 26th. You can have yourself tested free of charge between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. here in the Speicherstadt in a public DRK test center, which is located very close to our entrance.

Due to our limited capacity due to the corona, we can unfortunately only let in a small part of the normal visitors. We therefore recommend booking a ticket in advance. These are currently in high demand. You can come by spontaneously at any time, but you may have to expect long waiting times on weekends (Friday-Sunday) and public holidays, as well as during the holidays. Therefore, please inform yourself in advance about the expected waiting time.

All tickets booked remain valid as normal. If you buy tickets for the period between March 16th up to and including May 19th, 2020 and November 2nd, 2020 up to and including May 26th, 2021, these have not expired. Unfortunately, our special events At Night in Wonderland and Culinary World Tour have to be canceled until further notice, we will only set new dates again when we are sure that they can take place. You can find all information here in our COVID-19 FAQ's:

Questions regarding your current visit

  • Do I have to wear a medical mask?

    Very briefly: YES :-)

    Here in Wunderland, a medical mask (FFP2 or FFP3 WITHOUT valve, KN95, surgical mask or medical masks of a comparable standard) must be worn during the visit. That is not particularly pleasant, but in this case you are not doing it for yourself, but for the others. So we absolutely have to insist on it. This applies to everyone over the age of 14. Children between 7-13 years of age must also wear a mask, a medical mask is recommended here, but an everyday mask is also permitted. So-called face shields are not allowed.

    Unfortunately, all those who are not ready to wear such protection during their visit have to refrain from visiting and postpone their trip to the wonderland until after Corona. And according to our company doctor, anyone who is so sick that no mask can be worn, the Wunderland is currently the wrong place.

  • Do I need a negative COVID-19 test for the visit?


    At the entrance every one from 7 years of age must either present a negative corona test from a recognized body (self-tests do not apply), either a negative rapid test from a recognized test center (not older than 24 hours) or a negative PCR test (not older than 48 hours).

    Alternatively, you can also provide proof of a vaccination against COVID-19, the last necessary vaccination (with a vaccine approved in the EU) (as of mid-May 2021: Biontech (Comirnaty), Moderna, AstraZeneca after the 2nd vaccination or Johnson & Johnson after 1 vaccination) must have taken place at least 14 days before the visit.

    Genetic evidence is also permitted; this must certify a positive PCR test, which must be at least 28 days and a maximum of 6 months old.

    Please every one 16 years and older has even to show a personal ID (ID-Card, Passport, Drivers License)

    Source for this regulation: Federal Ordinance

    A vaccination certificate proof of the presence of a complete vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish in embodied or digital form, if the underlying vaccination was carried out with one or more from the Paul Ehrlich Institute vaccines mentioned on the Internet at the address, and a) either from a number published by the Paul Ehrlich Institute on the Internet at of vaccine doses required for full vaccination and at least 14 days have passed since the last required individual vaccination, or b) consists of a given vaccine dose for a recovered person.

    Proof of recovery is proof of the presence of a previous infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish in embodied or digital form, if the underlying testing is based on laboratory diagnostics using nucleic acid detection (PCR, PoC -PCR or other methods of nucleic acid amplification technology) has been carried out and is at least 28 days and a maximum of six months ago,

  • Can I do a COVID-19 test on site?

    From May 26th you have the opportunity to be tested free of charge in the public Red Cross test center in Speicherstadt between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The test center is really very close to our entrance.

    If you only have tickets for a visit after 6 p.m., please go to the quick test beforehand.

(E-)Tickets bought directly at Wunderland

  • I have bought (E-)Tickets for a day that is definitely closed. What happens to them?

    If you have bought an (e-)ticket for a day that falls in the time when we are officially closed, you don't need to worry about your tickets, they will not expire, we promise. And you don't have to do anything at all except keeping the tickets. We have already removed the date binding on your tickets and turned your tickets into vouchers valid for an unlimited period of time.

    We would be very happy if you would come back to visit us at some point in the future. Once you have found a new date, you can easily book the tickets for this day again on to avoid possible waiting times. Of course you can also come to us spontaneously, but then you might have to expect waiting times. Then simply bring your tickets along with you.

    Rebook your tickets
  • I got tickets for a day when the Wunderland is actually open, but as a precaution I would like to postpone the date. What can I do?

    No problem at all, you can simply rebook your tickets to a new date at any time before the validity date on or turn them into unlimited vouchers which you can later book to a new date.

    This also applies to tickets for our special events.

    Rebook ticket(s)
  • I got tickets for a special event (Wunderland at Night, Culinary Trip around the World or Big Tubs & Small Trains) within the closed period. What happens to my tickets?

    We also remove the date binding on tickets for special events and turn them into unlimited vouchers that you can book again at any time for a new available date. Simply keep the tickets. If you have a new date in mind, you can book them again for a new date at As the number of tickets for special events is limited, a rebooking is mandatory in this case.

    Rebook your tickets
  • I have ordered vouchers for a harbour tour, city tour and/or the Hamburg Dungeon in addition to the tickets. What happens with the vouchers?

    The vouchers are not date-bound and can be used at any time, there is no need to do anything, they are valid indefinitely.

  • Can I also give my tickets or vouchers to someone else?

    Of course it is possible, the tickets are not person-related. Just pass on the tickets, also electronically.

  • I would like to cancel my tickets, is that possible?

    We would very much regret this and ask you to consider it. Your tickets will definitely remain valid indefinitely and you can book a new date at any time on Let us stick to the old saying: Postponed is not abandoned.

    Should you nevertheless wish to cancel your booking, we will respect this in this situation, even contrary to our terms and conditions. In this case, please simply reply to your confirmation e-mail, then we will have all the data we need. The refund will be made by payment. However, the processing may take some time, as we are currently unable to estimate what will come over us, we are also entering new territory for us.

    This only applies to tickets up to and including November 30th, 2021

    Rebook tickets or change to idefinite vouchers

Tickets from other ticket agencies

If you did not buy your ticket directly from us but from eventim, Hamburg Travel, ameropa, dertour, Tui, Hamburg Tourismus, the Pier 3, GetYourGuide or Hamburg, you don't need to worry, these tickets will not expire either. Here is the information about the individual providers:

  • eventim, Tui or Hamburg Travel

    We will redeem your tickets even after the printed validity date. All you have to do is register your tickets with us. Please fill out the fields in the following form. You will receive an e-mail as confirmation, which you can simply print out and bring along with your tickets.

    Voucher registration
  • Ameropa or Dertour

    We will be happy to redeem your vouchers at a later date. Simply register your voucher in the following form and bring the printed e-mail with the voucher to your later visit.

    Voucher registration
  • Hamburg Tourismus or the Pier 3

    Of course we will redeem your voucher at a later date. Just keep it and bring it with you on your next visit. The vouchers are not date bound.

  • GetYourGuide or Hamburg

    We have removed the date binding on your tickets and set it to "always valid", you can redeem your tickets at any time on any day, just come by and bring the ticket with you.

  • I would like to cancel my tickets/vouchers. Is that possible?

    We have urged all partners to be as accommodating as we are in this situation and refund your tickets. However, since you did not buy the tickets or vouchers from us, you will have to contact your contractual partner. If your contractual partner refuses to do so, please forward the refusal by e-mail to:, we will then find a solution together with you.


  • I reserved tickets for a date when Wonderland is closed. Do I have to do anything?

    Since you made a free ticket reservation, you don't have to do anything, the reservation simply expires. You can easily reserve for a new date the next time you want to visit us. You have no disadvantages.

  • I have reserved tickets for a date where the Wunderland will probably be open again, but I don't want to keep the date. Do I have to do anything?

    In this case, please cancel your reservation to give other guests the opportunity to visit us. Just click on the cancellation link in your confirmation email and confirm the cancellation, that's it.

Guided tours

  • I have booked a tour for a day when it is definitely closed. What happens with the booking?

    Since the tour can only be paid locally, you do not need to do anything, the reservation simply expires. You can always book a new tour for a day when we are open again.

  • I have booked a tour for a day when it is likely to be open again, but I do not want to take it. Do I have to do anything?

    If so, please click on the cancellation link in your confirmation email to cancel your booking. That's all there is to it. In this way you give other guests the chance to use these spots.

How to get in touch with us

You can also reach us by phone at +49 40 300 6 800 (Mo-Fr 8am-4pm), but we are currently expecting a lot of calls, so you may not be able to get through directly. To contact us, please use the contact form. As we expect many mails, the processing may take some time, please be patient with us, this is also a new experience for us, but we will do our best.

You would help us a lot, if you have a look first to the FAQ above, if maybe your question is already answered there.

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