Your safety is important to us

The safety of our visitors is of special importance to us and so we are trying to give you the highest possible level of security in different areas.

Fire Protection

All rooms are equipped with a sprinkler system, with 250 sprinkler heads installed in the actual exhibit. The extinguishing liquid is released at a temperature of 75° C.

To prevent a fire before it arises, there are special sensors throughout the building. 293 fire and smoke detectors which already react to very little smoke formation (to heat in the kitchen and smoking area, respectively) are installed for your protection. 250 additional sensitive smoke detectors are located directly on and underneath the surface of the layout.

If it should happen that there is a fire alarm on one of the four floors or in the attic, the alarm will be coordinated by three networked in-house alarm centers. As soon as a fire or smoke formation has been detected, the fire alarm within the building goes off and the fire department is contacted.  

Internal Alarm

The employees of the Miniatur Wunderland are also able to manually trigger an alarm. Each computer has a key which is displayed as the emergency key and which offers four different categories:

1. Fire
2. Evacuation
3. Technical Emergency (e.g. burst water pipe, blow of a fuse)
4. Medical Emergency

45 employees of the Miniatur Wunderland have taken part in a training for fire prevention and are trained in using the 64 fire extinguishers (CO2 in the layout area and special extinguishers in the kitchen) and other extinguishing devices. 20 other employees (especially our guides) have done a real fire prevention course at Hamburg’s state fire department school.

Generally, in the Miniatur Wunderland there are at least two employees present responsible for fire protection and security who are trained for emergencies and are ready for operation within 10 to 30 seconds.