Wheelchair Evening - Our service for handicapped guests

On very busy days at Miniatur Wunderland, wheelchair users have a hard time catching a good view of the layouts, unfortunately. For this reason we decided to offer exclusive evenings for wheelchair users and severely handicapped guests only. They take place on an irregular basis (for currently scheduled evenings, please view the list). On these special evenings, Wunderland is strictly reserved for those with disabilities in order grant them an enjoyable view at our layout. It's a much more relaxed experience for those who would normally find it hard to navigate through our crowded aisles. The admission for this evening is 5.00 € (inclusive 1 accompanying person). Of course, disabled guests are also welcome to come earlier than 18:00 if they desire. We would appreciate if all interested persons could spread the word about this service so that we may add extra dates in the future!

Wheelchair Evenings