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10.08.2015, 11:08 hrs
Age: 2 Year(s)

Summer vacation - get into Wunderland without waiting queues

July and August are hot months - not only with regard to temperatures, but also the rush on Miniatur Wunderland. On many days visitors might have to face waiting times because more people than we can accomodate want to visit our premises. However, if you plan ahead and if you are somewhat flexible, you can avoid them altogether.   Here our tips:

1.)   At our homepage you can look into our current and future waiting times as prognosed.

2.)   Make a reservation at the time slot for the date/time of arrival you desire. The reservation is free of charge, and you can enter Wunderland without waiting times.

3.)    Sunny days are Wunderland days. The better the weather outdoors, the less visitors at Wunderland. Our premises are climatized at comfortable temperatures. Thus, a visit at Wunderland can serve as a welcome cool-down as well.

4.)    We adivise you to arrive early in the morning or late afternoon. During summer vacation time our weKommen Sie früh am Morgen oder am späten Nachmittag. Während der Sommerferien sind unsere Öffnungszeiten massiv verlängert. Teilweise haben wir von 08 – 24 Uhr geöffnet. Aus Erfahrung wissen wir früh am Morgen oder am späten Nachmittag, kann man die Anlage deutlich entspannter bewundern.

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