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28.09.2016, 15:17 hrs
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Bella Italia in Wunderland

Our 9th section was inaugurated today

We're finished! After 180,000 man hours and four years of construction the newest and ninth section of Miniatur Wunderland was opened today by Frederik, Gerrit, Hamburgs First Mayor Olaf Scholz and Italian envoy Alessandro Gaudiano.

The construction of the 190 m² section has cost more than 4 million euros. There are 30,000 figures lovingly set in scene, more than 500 handcrafted churches, houses and bridges, and over 100 trains to explore but, most significantly, models in an entirely new level of detail.

“When people think of Italy, a great many images come to mind. It is virtually impossible to present Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Positano, Rimini, Tuscany, Amalfi, Sicily, or South Tyrol on just 190 m². Hence alone the planning for our fantasy Italy took more than one year,” explains Frederik Braun.

The new Italy section includes Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, South Tyrol, the Amalfi coast, and Pompeii with Vesuvius; Venice will be added around one year later as a separate section. The world-famous buildings presented a particular challenge. St. Peter’s Basilica with the adjacent colonnades comprises 22,000 individual parts, for example, and took 23 months to prepare and build.

“What our model builders have achieved for the Italy section in the past four years is simply amazing. They have raised model building to a whole new level of precision and detail. The smallest of village chapels has been recreated according to an original and painstakingly made by hand. A miniature masterpiece can be admired on almost every square metre. We have had to postpone the opening several times and it has worked out more expensive than we planned, but every minute and every euro spent on this project has been worthwhile,” raves Gerrit Braun.

Visitprs can explore our miniature Italy starting today at Miniatur Wunderland!