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10.03.2011, 17:01 hrs
Age: 7 Year(s)

ATTENTION: Construction and Approach

Prospectively, the Brooksbrücke will be open for traffic on April 8th 2011. From March 15th – March 19th, the area in front of Minatur Wunderland will be closed.

As many of our visitors already know, approaching Miniatur Wunderland by car is somewhat complicated at the moment. The Brooksbrücke has been restored, and not open for traffic. We are happy to learn that it will be reopened on April 4th, prospectively.
On March 18th or 19th 2001, the bridge will be lifted back into its place. Therefore, the area in front of our building will be closed to a large part for traffic from March 15th, 6 a.m. until March 19th, about 12 p.m. We’ll let you know shortly how to access our parking lot
This is not the end of restoration works in the historic warehouse district (Speicherstadt). The Niederbaumbrücke will be partly closed from March 14th 2011, prospectively. That means, an approach from direction Landungsbrücken via Niederbaumbrücke is not possible. The street on the bridge will be blocked in both directions from April 17th 2011 on, and the construction will last until the end of this year.
Our advice: plan in some more time when travelling by car, or use public transportation.
From Main Station (Hauptbahnhof):
Bus Line 4 exit station “Magellan Terassen”
Subway (U-Bahn) Line U3 (yellow line) exit stations “Rödingsmarkt” or “Baumwall”

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