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24.09.2008, 18:09 hrs
Age: 9 Year(s)

A Night In The Wunderland

It won't get more exclusive and personal...

A night in the Miniatur Wunderland

Indulge in an unforgettable Wunderland visit with a couple of friends or your family and a small circle of other visitors.

On November 07 between 7 PM and 11PM, the Miniatur Wunderland team will open the doors for a limited number of visitors  (that is after the normal business hours), and so enables these visitors a relaxed and comfortable stay in our exhibition.

While during our normal opening hours an average of 1000 visitors share the space, only 300 visitors will be allowed in at our exclusive Wunderland night. This caters for a very comfortable and relaxed stay without waiting in line and no "pushers" in sight.

From 7PM, after you enjoyed your welcome drink and listened to a short speech about the history of the Wunderland, you are free to discover the exhibition at your own pace. Our team will be glad to let you peek behind the scenes and will also be available for your comments and questions during the evening.



17,50 € Adults
12,50 € Children

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