Onlineshop news

15.12.2014, 13:10 hrs
Age: 3 Year(s)

We’re proud to present this brand-new Wunderland book: "Kleine Wunderländer auf großer Reise durch Hamburg"

transl.: ´Tiny Wunderlanders on a great journey throughout Hamburg‘

This marvelous book invites you to a unique tour throughout beautiful Hamburg – along the banks of the Elbe River and Alster – in the company of little Wunderlanders.

Explore the landmarks of the city from an entirely new angle, discover hidden corners and secret stories, lived covertly as a rule.

Our tiny Wunderlanders show you the world from a new and different perspective. Small things appear large, and whatever we thought to be familiar, will unveil things we never noticed before.

A ‘red thread’ guides you through the book and even teaches you one or the other useful phrase in the typical Hamburg dialect. Hamburg’s secret small world shows itself larger than life!

A must-have underneath each Christmas-tree!! ;-)

Please note: Although the book is in German, the real focus is on the astounding photographs, which don’t really need any explanation at all! Enjoy!

You can order the book here in our onlineshop for 12,90€.