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20.08.2013, 12:29 hrs
Age: 4 Year(s)

Take StadtRAD Hamburg

Find out Hamburg with the bicycle!

Escape the traffic, find out the town once from another side or reach fast B from A. This is possible with the bicycles of StadtRAD Hamburg - very easy, very convenient!

First you have to register via phone, internet or terminal at the hire station. You need a credit oder ec-card to identify. With HVV or BahnCard you get special rates. 

You lend your bike on one of the numerous hire stations which are distributed in whole hamburg. You find them via website or free app from StadtRAD Hamburg and be able to find out wether a bicycle is free for you.

The first 30 minutes are free of charge, than up to your rate 6 or 8 cent per minute.

By the way, you reach Miniatur Wunderland with the StadtRAD very comfortable. The next hire station is not even 1 minute away from our entrance!

You get further information on the website of StadtRAD Hamburg!

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