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07.03.2013, 13:44 hrs
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It's Heaven on Earth

- It's Heaven on Earth

Today's Planetarium was used as a water tower until 1930. Nowadays, you can witness simulated planetary explosions, explore the vastness of the universe with a giant telescope, or experience one of many 360° multi-media shows accompanied by electronic music from Pink Floyd to Jean Michel Jarre. Lectures on astronomic subjects are only held in German, however. For a current schedule se the Planetarium's homepage.

  • Adress: Planetarium Hamburg, Hindeburgstr. 1b, 22303 Hamburg, Tel.: 040/4288652
  • Tickets: 040/428865210
  • Business hours: daily from 9.00-20.00 o'clock.
  • Directions: U-Bahn U3 to station "Borgweg"

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