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15.01.2016, 11:33 hrs
Age: 2 Year(s)

You’ve never seen the Wunderland like this before: #MiniView

You vcan now explore Miniatur Wunderland from a whole new perspective!

Google Map's fascinating feature "Google Street View" is widely known nowadays. It allows you to virtually "walk" through streets  and to get to know places even in remote regions of the world. We are happy to announce that from now on, the Miniature Wunderland is part of the Street View World!

For a full year, Google and us have been experimenting, developing and digitalizing the Wunderland. The Street View camera technology was miniaturized and inserted into vehicles especially designed for capturing every nook and corner of the exhibition. Driving along streets and tracks, they provided us with completely new and stunning panoramic views of our small world that you can navigate within! While before you could only see the abundance of small scenes from the side of the layout, you're now able to experience the surroundings in detail from our Wunderlanders' perspective! We even took interactive pictures of places a visitor will hardly ever see: i.e. Las Vegas Boulevard, or the terminals at Knuffingen Airport. Now, via Street View, people from all over the world can detect the variety of miniature scenes we put together with lots of love and fun.

We invite you to try and see the Wunderland's new feature for yourself: Take over as  train conductor or bus driver and explore our sections from the Swiss Alps to the snowy landscape of Scandinavia from a street-level view. To enter our Street View world, please go to For mobile devices, there's also a Street View App for Android (also Cardboard) and iOS.

We'd love to know what you think about Wunderland's Street View. Please feel free to share your opinions with the hashtag #miniview or in the comments section and let your friends and family experience the Miniature Wunderland in a whole new way!

Last but not least, our special thanks go to Google and Ubilabs! They overcame countless technical obstacles and worked through many, many nights in order to make the digital Wunderland come alive in fantastic panorama views!

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