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18.03.2013, 15:43 hrs
Age: 5 Year(s)

Prelude to the 34th Church Day in Hamburg

In the Hamburg layout Miniatur Wunderland exhibits Church Day scenes crafted with a lot of love for details

41 churches and chapels in Miniatur Wunderland are part of the German Protestant Church Day from May 1st until May 5th 2013.

Provost Matthias Bohl and reverend Ekkehard Maase inaugurated the 4 largest scenes, which Wunderland model makers integrated in the main layout on the occasion of Church Day.

Booths, stages, Church Day flags, and a crowd of visitors were lovingly depicted in the Hamburg layout. Even the “cabbage head wall” symbolizing the Europe’s largest cabbage growing area, Dithmarschen, was replicated down to the smallest details.

In her opening speech from the miniature St. Michaels Church in the Hamburg layout, bishop Kerstin Fehr emphasized this year’s Church Day motto: “As much as you need!”. This motto is meant to underline the sense of community, as well as individuals involved in Church Day. Wunderland “citizens” were able to watch the speech on a screen in front of St. Michaels Church. Likewise, on the Evening of Welcome on May 1st it will chime from many of the miniature churches. This special kind of service will take place at midnight, and all helpers and visitors are invited to participate – therefore you’ll have free admission from 11:30 p.m., and Wunderland will be open all night long.

In the beginning of May 2013 the Evangelist Church of Northern Germany will be host of the 34th German Protestant Church Day expecting 300.000 guests from Germany and the whole world. For 5 days this festivity will infuse the hanseatic city with music, cultural events and culinary specialties. Miniature Wunderland as one of Hamburg’s most significant tourist destinations takes part of this great celebration, and will distribute a position plan for the churches, guiding our guests to 41 Wunderland churches and chapels.

Miniatur Wunderland bids all Church Day guests welcome, and is looking forward to a great celebration between Hamburg’s city hall and HafenCity – even in miniature dimensions!

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