general news

07.05.2010, 17:07 hrs
Age: 8 Year(s)

Our first Lufthansa A380 has landed

Handover, Launch and Christening Ceremony in Miniatur Wunderland

This afternoon, our first A 380 in Lufthansa lacquer was presented in Miniatur Wunderland. After the symbolic handover of the Airbus between official Airbus and Lufthansa representatives, our largest of the little vehicles was positioned for takeoff in direction Knuffingen. After a successful maiden touchdown and a salutation from the Knuffingen fire department, the Airbus was christened to the name “Knuffingen” in front of the press, and 526 miniature flight guests.
More information is coming up on Gerrits’ Diary, shortly.
The symbolic handover of the very first A380 from Frederik and Gerrit Braun ((left in the picture, and right, respectively), and the sales managers from Airbus, Mr. Hermann (2nd left) to Mr. Wagner (middle), Manager Direct Services at Lufthansa, and Mr. Meyerdierks (2nd from right), A380 pilot at Lufthansa.

Landing of the A380 at Knuffingen Airport.

As customary at a real Airport, each new aircraft is being saluted by the Airport fire department with water fountains.

Christening of the A380: With a pipette, Micky Braun, mayoress of Knuffingen and Gerrits’ wife, dripped sparkling wine over the aircraft, naming it “Knuffingen”.