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09.07.2012, 21:51 hrs
Age: 5 Year(s)

Miniatur Wunderland says "Thank you!"

Thanks to your help by buying our Donation pins we were able to donate more than 300.000 Euro!

Since 2007, we have Miniatur Wunderland donation pins supporting different charity organizations.

Already in the year 2004, when he heard of the devastating Tsunami, Frederik had the idea of developing the pins. Whithin only 10 days, he was able to sell 4000 pins to guests waiting in queue. The revenues were donated to the Tsunami victims.

It has always been his concern to share Miniatur Wunderland's success story,  minding less fortunate people - some of them striken hard by their fate - , and to help within his might, focussing especially on children all over the world. So, he made up his mind to create pins with different motifs from Wunderland. All monthly revenues, including production costs covered by Miniatur Wunderland, are being donated to 100% to charity organizations, which are being selected by our guests.

Each pin costs 2.90 Euro. When buying a whole set of 12 pins with different motifs, you’ll receive one pin for free. Since 2010, we also have magnets in our product line.

Up until now, we were able to support more than 40 organizations with the revenues of our pins. We focus on aid for kids and their families, as for example hospices, Children’s Villages, children’s addiction assistance, children’s comprehensive cancer centres, homework assistance, soup kitchens for kids from underprivileged families, etc.

Also the association "Nestwerk e.V.", which supports kids and youths from socially underpriviledged families, has been a beneficiary of the pins, already. Founder of the initiative, Reinhold Beckmann says: "Miniatur Wunderland's donation pins are a wonderful fundraising activity. What a great achievement to raise 300.000 Euro for charity within six years! In the name of Nestwerk, which has benefitted from the revenues of the donation pins ever so often, I say a heartfelt Thank You. Here's to the next 100.000 pins!"

Other beneficiaries so far have been the street paper “Hinz und Kunzt”, the German database for bone marrow donations, the charity organization “Viva con Agua”, and "Doctors without Borders".

But, due to disastrous occurrences, there’ve also been months where we’ve decided spontaneously to donate the money to the charity “Aktion Deutschland hilft”. For the first time it happened in May 2008, when a cyclone devastated wide areas in Myanmar, and nearly 1.5 million people were threatened by famine and diseases. The disastrous earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, as well as the flood in Pakistan and the famine in East Africa, prompted us to take action.

All in all, we were able to raise more than 300.000 Euro with the revenues of our donation pins. We wouldn´t have been able to manage this without your help and want to say a heartfelt Thank You!

Here, you have an overview of all donation pin beneficiaries

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