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03.05.2013, 13:32 hrs
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Kick-off for the new Italian layout on May 9th 2013

Celebratory construction-start with Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of Hamburg and Dr. Rüdiger Grube, Chairman of the Board of the German Federal Railway, attending among others on Ascension Day.

Since almost two years the hammers and chisels of the model makers are resting. At least, as far as creating a new layout. However, we were busy, still. The past two years were used to prepare Miniatur Wunderland for the future. The all old layouts were refurbished, and a new floor was affiliated with the rest of Wunderland in order to cope with our rush of visitors more efficiently in the future. We finally made it. Now we can concentrate on the essentials again, at last: The construction of ever more theme worlds!

With a lot of enthusiasm we will turn our notions about Italy into flourishing landscapes: On May 9th 2013, the opening day of the HAMBURG HARBOR ANNIVERSARY, at 2 p.m., we will start up our construction of the theme world „Italy“. In the company of Hamburg’s First Mayor, Olaf Scholz, the Chairman of the Board of the German Federal Railway (DB AG), Dr. Rüdiger Grube, the CEO of the Italian Railway Company Trenitalia, Mauro Moretti, the culture and tourism secretary of the region of Liguria, Angelo Berlangieri, we want to lay the first tracks.

Until the summer of 2015 our model makers will build sections of popular cities like Rome, gorgeous landscapes like the coastal region Leguria, and architectural masterpieces like the St. Peter’s Cathedral on an area of 170 m². Next to the Italian capital we are planning parts of Venice with the gilded St. Mark’s Basilica. You will also find the active volcano Vesuvius, and the sunken city of Pompeii in the Italy layout. At the Italian Riviera coastline of Cinque Terre we’ll show beaches and mountains, as well as the town Amalfi in the region of Campania.

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