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02.10.2012, 13:47 hrs
Age: 5 Year(s)

German Tourism Award: Miniatur Wunderland is nominated

We are one of the nominees for the German Tourism Award

The German Tourism Association (DTV) honors outstanding and innovative initiatives with the German Tourism Award. This year, there’re 76 applicants.  We here, at Miniatur Wunderland applied as well, and we were able to convince the jury with our projects. Now, we are happy to announce that we are among the 9 nominees who have the chance to be chosen for one of the prizes 1st – 3rd, as well as a special award in November.
In the prescreening we were able to convince with our major projects in the years 2011 and 2012: “Knuffingen Airport” and “The History of Civilization”. The miniature airport is one-of-a-kind worldwide. To some degree it was developed in cooperation with our fans. Probably the innovative control technology, which was developed mostly in-house, convinced the jury as well. At our special exhibition “The History of Civilization” the focus concentrates on model making, the extraordinary love for detail in depicting historic replicas, as well as the educational purpose.