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04.01.2013, 18:22 hrs
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Annual Review 2012

The 10.000.000th guest, one more special exhibition, an expansion of several hundreds of square meters, Elbe Philharmonic Hall laying of the foundation stone - these are only a few of the Wunderland-highlights we are looking back on in 2012.

Special Exhibition „History of Civilization“

 Settlements and half-timbered houses, estates, clothing, hunting weapons, and much more – the change of times was depicted in 8 detailed dioramas. In April 2012 we opened the special exhibition „History of Civilization“. Our model makers could draw on the active support of the State Agency for Political Education/Hamburg  in order to meet  the high historic accuracy.

The result were buildings, environments and people, depicted beautifully and true to the originals, bringing history between 5.500 B.C. and World War II to life.

 Galileo reporter Aiman Abdallah immersed himself deep into this miniature world: In the special episode “History of Civilization” he stood right amongst Neolithic people, knights, court ladies, soldiers, and the first inventors. Up until today the special exhibition is accessible for visitors of Miniatur Wunderland. To find out more:



Laying of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall foundation stone

With the ambitious goal to raise the miniature Elbe Philharmonic Hall within approximately 8 month, the building contractor “Ups ‘n Downs Corp.”, the project realization firm “DeLay”, as well culture senator Barbara Kisseler and director of the first Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Christoph Lieben-Seuter laid the foundation stone in November 2012. Of course, we couldn’t refrain from some bantering. Witnessed by many news and media representatives, the deadline was determined for summer 2013. A large team of architects, technicians and model makers are in charge of this miniature mammoth project. The surroundings will be replicated as well – the most beautiful buildings of the Hamburg HafenCity will skirt the new landmark. Of course, you will be able to follow up on the progress in Gerrit’s Diaries, among others.


10.000.000th guest

With a great celebration, our miniature citizens welcomed the 10.000.000th Miniatur Wunderland visitor on Wednesday, December 5th at 10:02 a.m. Lucky Manfred W. from Ratingen/Germany was happy about free admission ticket for life, a giant cake, a miniature property in the future Italy layout, and the extravaganza at the landing bridges which our model maker had prepared for this event. You can watch the result on our YouTube channel: Listed below some peculiar numbers:

Opening hours since August 16th 2001: 45.386 hrs; cumulative kilometre of the car-system: 1.186.289; Face book fans: almost 93.000 (effective: Dec. 21st 2012); visitor’s countries of origin: 186 of 194 countries; most visitors from Lower Saxony: 1.502.771, etc., etc. etc….


Wunderland won German Tourism Award

With our flagship „Knuffingen Airport“ and the special exhibit „History of Civilization“ we submitted for the German Tourism Award 2012. After a few weeks the nominees were determined, and on November 8th the award presentation ceremony took place. In the end, Frederik Braun received the special award, and the Wunderland staff was happy that the jury was convinced by our two most laborious projects in the past years!

Internet hit: the UFO picture

In September 2012 the Lufthansa flight attendant strike brought German airports to a standstill – protesters, backed by their union UFO, chorused “We love our Lufthansa. Please save the bird”, among others. On mysterious paths the strike also reached Wunderland – however, in a modified version: In the morning of September 7th 2012 Wunderland staff and visitors could hardly believe their eyes when a UFO was obstructing the runway at Knuffingen Airport for hours. The photo was spreading all across the country.


The great reconstruction – opening of the new shop and bistro

In 2012 Wunderland grew by several hundreds of square meters – we did not have a new layout, but an entire floor which we dedicated to the comfort of our guests: a spacious entrance area simplifies admission, a new shop invites you to buy souvenirs, and the new bistro provides a lot of spacious seating and a large choice of tasty meals. With the expansion in the second floor we made space in the third floor, where we will begin to build the Italian layout, soon.


Donation pins: we exceeded 300.00 Euro

Since 2007 we can’t imagine a Wunderland without donation pins, anymore. Each year, we design a new set, and every month all revenues – production costs included – are being donated to benefit different charitable organizations worldwide, which donors can choose from nominees. Including all pin sales and the support of Wunderland the donations exceeded 300.000 Euro by fall 2012. We want to thank all donors and are looking forward to the new motifs in 2013, which you can purchase in our online shop as well.


General overhaul of old layouts – Austria, middle Germany, and Bavaria are pretty, again.

Meadows and mountain pastures radiate in bright green, the pavement shimmers in the light, and all LED-street lanterns are shining at night again, at last. After a general overhaul single parts, as well as larger surfaces of our oldest layouts can finally compete against our newer ones. It took many weeks of labour to plant greenery in large parts of Middle Germany and Bavaria, and to pave the street anew. Our model makers exchanges trees, repaired or replaced lamps, exchanged outdated car models for current ones, and – very important for the work on top of the layout - they installed new steps for servicing. Thus, a derailed train can be repositioned more easily. Currently, Austria will get a new load of snow, so miniature winter tourists will get their money’s worth soon again.

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