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27.01.2014, 15:08 hrs
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Annual Preview 2014

A new Wunderland year has begun. We spent the first days and weeks with processing the previous year, and to contemplate our plans for 2014.

Without doubt, the thirteenth Wunderland year will be all about a new layout, at last. Our Italy layout will be the Wunderland number one topic of 2014. But, there’s even more to report about. Here’s the preview for the months ahead.

Italy layout

The predominant topic in the upcoming two years will be the 170 sqm large Italy layout. With regard to model making, this layout will be the most challenging in the history of Wunderland. Never before, we had to squeeze so much history into such close quarters. This is why the planning took much longer than expected. But now everything is settled and construction runs at full speed.

Italy base plate

During the first days of the year the base plate was set up, and the first track helix was mounted. Now, model making will get into full gear. Our model makers want to finish the part showing the Amalfi coast by the end of this year. That means, in the next months parts of Pompeii and the Vesuvius will start to arise. In the second half of the year they want to begin with the base plate of Rome.

12th millionth visitor

Last year, round-about 1.2 millions guests have visited Wunderland once again. Herewith, Wunderland belongs to Germany’s most visited attractions. We hope to be just as successful in 2014, and that we’ll be able to greet the 12 millionth guest in the fall. Also, there are only six countries left from which we had no visitors so far. We hope to erase one or the other blank spot on the map in 2014.

Chocolate factory

Upon the Grand opening of the Switzerland layout more than six year ago, our Lindt chocolate factory took up production. Thus far, more than 1,000,000 little bars of chocolate were passed out. Especially during vacation time the button gets pushed by little children’s fingers permanently. Recently, the extraction technology got more and more susceptible to errors. Therefore, we decided to renew the technology entirely. Our mechatronic engineers have developed the new production line system already. In the future, we also want to be able refill it from the outside. Until the summer it should be finished. However, our guests will not be aware of the changes, because during business hours the chocolate production will go on as usual.

2-way system

One of the big projects in the train department will be the conversion from 3-way tracks to a 2-way system in some of the layouts. We’ve pondered this issue for quite a while, and decided in favor of the 2-way tracks. Here, you see an image of what it still looks like at the moment.


For a home layout the 3-way system is perfectly suitable. But here, the tracks and trains are being used 365 days, 12 hours each day in average. That’s why there’s a degree of wear and tear, for example, with the wiper for the middle contact studs, which would never happen in a home layout. This picture shows the current conversion.

Ship control

The ship control is an everlasting topic at Wunderland. Behind closed doors we’re busily working on it, and hope to be able to announce some progress this year.

Ship charging stations

But, we are positive to introduce an innovation, already. We are preparing the automatic recharging of the ship accumulators. Therefore, we’ll install the MiWuLa-charging stations which were tested in the Airport layout previously. We’ll keep you posted about our progress in our weekly reports on a regular basis.

Italy blog

The construction of the Italy layout is getting into the crucial phase. Beginning February, we’ll start a blog with current videos, essays, and photo reports about the progress. We are already busy with producing the first reports, and hope to present the first issue in our next news letter. Besides, we’ll publish more new episodes of Gerrit’s Diary in 2014. We hope to have something interesting for everyone. To a successful 2014!

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