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12.02.2016, 09:01 hrs
Age: 2 Year(s)

A Journey through Miniatur Wunderland

Official report in HD - world largest model railway

Miniatur Wunderland is the world largest model railway in Hamburgs historic Speicherstadt. Watch the official report.

Each year, Hamburg‘s tourist attraction No. 1 draws 1.2 million visitors from all over the world into its  premises, and is not only exiting for railway enthusiasts.

Spreading over 1,300 square meters, a unique and outstanding miniature world arose in 600,000 working hours and for more than 14 Mio. Euros so far. Next to sophisticated technologies, Wunderland is known for its captivating richness of detail:
230,000 lovingly staged figures, cars driving, and ships – even airplanes are taking off and landing at Knuffingen Airport every minute. It's a breathtaking microcosm unmatched anywhere in this world.