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01.06.2006, 14:37 hrs
Age: 11 Year(s)

5th anniversary on 16th of August 2006

Review from 16th August 2001 until 15th August 2006

Five years Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg. That are five years filled with fun, excitement, anecdotes and hurdles. What started as a crazy idea in July 2000, meanwhile has become one of the most successful tourist attractions in Hamburg today. If somebody had told us that before...

In the process not everything worked straight away, e.g. the unique Carsystem. Our self-developed system, the as per ghost hand moving cars, is a main attraction. However, even two days before the opening nobody would have believed that on the 16th August 2001 almost everything worked in front of the eyes of the then-mayor Ortwin Runde. Well, at least almost everything. Because the visitors weren't able to see what happened underneath the layout. The whole opening day through approx. 20 employees were underneath the layout in order to detect all the little faults that have creeped into the work during the bustle of the last nights.

However, this is exactly what the people want to see. There are trains crashing regularly on our exhibit. When our red-faced team puts the crashed ICEs back on the track, you can see the schadenfreude on the visitors' faces. A highlight are the workshops of our modelers which are accessible for our visitors. Everyone can watch our modelers working. The new construction section is naturally being completely built in front of our visitors' eyes.

It looks like something from NASA

This expression comes from an American forum. American model railway fans were discussing our big control center with more than 100 computers and screens. After one year of operation we had to do something. The service of our exhibit became more and more complex. That's why we decided to put all computers at one place, the control center. What was intended as a work space for us became another attraction for the visitors. 

Roman Polanski, Michael Stich, Olli Dietrich, Wladimir Klitschko, Atze Schröder, Til Schweiger, Moritz Bleibtreu are only a few of the famous visitors that have been crazy about thousands of funny, sad and sometimes shocking details. More VIPs: Kai Pflaume, Olli Pocher, Eva Hermann, Jörg Pilawa, Helmut Zierl, Roger Willemsen, Stephan Schwart, Oliver Reck, Martin Pieckenhagen, Rudolfo Esteban Cardoso and many others...

We started with 20 employees from nowhere. They became more and more. In the meantime the Miniatur Wunderland employs more than 100 men and women. Within five years good craftspersons became fantastic artists that get up every morning with a new vision. Visions that make the visit at the Miniatur Wunderland so fantastic that 98.6% of our visitors will recommend us and 19 out of 20 visitors want to visit us again soon, even though the average visitor lives more than 400 km away. This is a result of a survey carried out with more than 10,000 visitors.



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