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10.01.2009, 16:21 hrs
Age: 9 Year(s)

2008 Review

It was a great year for the Miniatur Wunderland!

From the Miniatur Wunderland's point of view, 2008 was a great year and we like to document this in a small 2008 review!


Let alone in the year 2008 the Wunderland will be visited by more than 1,000,000 visitors. Unbelievable for us, especially if you consider the original goals. When Gerrit, Stephan,and Frederik declared in 2000 that they dreamed of 100,000 visitors a year, everydoy hearing this just smiled. Today, the Wunderland is a member of the very exclusive club of the "1,000,000 visitor exhibitions“, together with the Pergamon Museum or Castle Neuschwanstein. Therefore, we take the opportunity here and take a deep bow to our loyal visitors. Thank you, you are fantastic!

5,000,000 visitors

All in all, the Miniatur Wunderland has already been visited by roughly 5,500,000 people from all over the world. As an example, family Lee from Korea visited us this year for the sixth time. Nothing unusual you might say but when a family flies in from Seoul just to visit us, makes it extraordinary! Or take little Merle Wiltsche from Austria: One nice summerday in July, she entered the exhibition as the 5,000,000th visitor. For us, this was an unforgettable day. Not only the fact that we could welcome our 5,000,000th visitor made this day so special for us but also the charming and open attitude of 5-year old Merle.

Airport construction start

Since more than 3 years we plan our airport. From the very beginning it was clear that we didn't want to build just any ordinary airport with airplanes on tracks and a bit of apron activity. Our goal was to create an airport with movements as realistic as possible, be it on the ground or in the air. To achieve this, Gerrit Braun worked more than two years on a concept to completely automate all simulation processes. Since beginning of January, construction is under way and concepts are tested. Many things already work out while a few have to be thought over but for a bottom line, we are convinced that all problems will be solved by the end of 2009.

World record

What would the Miniatur Wunderland be without the "Miniature megalomania"? This drove our team this summer, as they rented the HSH-Nordbank arena ( Hamburg's best known soccer arena) in order to break three world records at the same time. Under the supervision of Guinnes, the goal was to run the world'S longest model train multiple times around the arena. Mission accomplished - and how well it worked: the train covered almost double of the required distance!

European Soccer Championship

In June this year thousands of mini Wunderlanders travelled to our Alps republic. Even Mini-Austria and Mini-Switzerland were infected by the soccer virus. Within a few weeks calm places changed to buzzing fan miles, neat pubs to fully flagged fan domiciles, some solemn islands to special traing camps of the Italian team, and the proud Matterhorn to the insgnium of a German mountain tour. The press thanked the mini Wunderlanders by printing many long articles.

First testflight

For months you could see Gerrit Braun and his team walking around with wide bluish eyerings and a certain absence in their faces. When one day in November the "airport gang" ran happily smiling through the Wunderland and the gleam in their eyes overhued the the deep shades around their eyes, it was quickly clear to everybody that a major breakthrough was achieved. And so it was. The test flights in November were very successfull. So far, it seems that a theoretical solution for actually flying the planes has been found.

Special exhibition

New territory was entered with the exhibition "The divided city". In May, on occasion of the festivities for the German Reunion, we decided to set up a special exhibition with which we wanted to provide some "playful" guidance to the German after-war history for children and teens and spark memories for adults. Support and scientific advice came from the Hamburg Center for Political Education. The result is a superb exhibition which has been visited by more than 100,000 people. Also, many musuems from all over Germany want to rent it.

Lotto King Karl

As always, we strive to copy reality as detailled as possible. For a long time, we whished to integrate a mini Lott and Pape into our HSH-Nordbank Arena and have them warble their Hamburg hit "Hamburg, meine Perle". When these two offered their help to integrate this pushbutton action, we didn't think twice.

Knuffingen trackwork

In order to connect the airport(under construction) to the rest of the layout, the station approach to Knuffingen had to be extended. Some difficulties arose due to the very restricted space underneath the layout. But as usual, we also mastered this problem successfully.

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