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06.07.2009, 16:06 hrs
Age: 8 Year(s)

Samy Deluxe Music Video in Wunderland

Rapper Samy Deluxe produced his most recent music video in Miniatur Wunderland. The product is a definite "must see"!

Samy Deluxe: His most recent video takes place in Miniatur Wunderland

Last May, a crowd of over 30 people was raiding Miniatur Wunderland. Overnight, the crew wanted to shoot the music video to “Stumm” by Samy Deluxe. At 6 p.m. sharp, the shooting began. At 6.30 a.m. the last pictures were in the can. In only one night, the directors David Koenigsmann and Felix Paul, as well as their team managed the masterstroke of capturing about 100 sequences. At first we were suspecting that the quality might suffer because of such a tight time schedule. For three hours now, we are certain that this is indeed not the case. The video is ingenious and sensational. See for yourself! (link to Samy Deluxe Video…)

Today, the video was presented on MTV. On MTVs’ website you can now view the finished video.

By the way; on youtube, there’s already a “making of”! (link to youtube…)

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