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24.02.2012, 11:43 hrs
Age: 6 Year(s)


Our special exhibit will open on April 26th 2012

Coming up soon: our most elaborate and most ambitious special exhibit so far will open on April 26th 2012. In cooperation with the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Hamburg (transl. State Agency for Political Education) we’ve developed an exhibit which demonstrates history in a quite vivid manner. It took 7.000 working hours to build 8 diorama showing more than 4.000 years of German history. The topics depicted encompass the historical development of family life, religion, politics, trade, health, governance, ecology, science, agriculture, and medicine, as well as many tiny details, such as the design of windows – in short, the development of civilization in Germany. All-in-all, it cost roundabout 150.000 € to build those 8 diorama.
You can look forward to a playful journey into history, whereby we have focused on sound historic data.

The exhibit will open in Miniatur Wunderland on April 26th 2012.
For more than a year Pro7 program “Galileo” watched the progression of our venture. The result was a report with a class of its own. Rarely history was communicated in such a vivid manner. The program will be broadcast on April 29th beginning at 7:05 p.m. local time at channel Pro7.

Get a sneak preview with this trailer.

Here, some details of the different diorama. However, to get a grasp of the whole context, you should see the exhibit in person. It will be worth your while!

Diorama 1 – Neolithic Age: This detail shows the work on a dugout, which will later serve as a means of transportation on the river.

Diorama 2 – Dark Middle Ages: Crusaders dispatch from a castle.

Diorama 3 – High Middle Ages: This detail shows the development of agriculture. Agriculture, trade, and the development industry play a significant role in all of the 8 diorama.

Diorama 4 – Baroque Era until the French Revolution: You can clearly see the pomp of the Baroque Era. The model makers put a lot of time into crafting the pompous clothing of those tiny figurines.

Diorama 5 - 1790 – 1848: Time for Liberation. In the early 19th century democratic thoughts and movements play an important role.

Diorama 6 – The 19th century and the industrial revolution: The photo shows the development of clubs and societies. Many clubs, e.g. sports clubs were established in that time.

Diorama 7 – First World War and the Weimar Republic. The picture shows a military hospital, where victims of the war are being taken care of.

Diorama 8 - Nazism: The details depict destruction in every part of life. Following the 8 diorama in chronological order, you’ll find another special exhibit “A City Divided”. The details of the 8 diorama presented here are just a few to represent the numerous details depicting the according era. There’s so much more to learn and discover.

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