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08.12.2014, 10:35 hrs
Age: 3 Year(s)

Hakuna Matata – Wunderland has gained yet another attraction!

As of today our mini-citizens can visit a musical, at last.

The Wunderland has gained another mini-attraction. After seven months of construction work we opened the "Stage Theatre in the harbor", where the musical "The Lion King" is being performed, in our Hamburg layout. Next to speeches by Hamburg senator Horch, Uschi Neuss from Stage Entertainment, and Wunderlander Frederik Braun, the theatre was inaugurated with an astounding sunrise-simulation and songs performed live by actual “The Lion King” performers.

As of now the theater is set next to the Wunderland Elbphilharmonie, just as in real live, and can be viewed by our visitors. See below some pictures to get a preview. Soon, we will publish a detailed video, as well as some more beautiful images.


Wunderland founder Frederik Braun, Uschi Neuss (chief executive Stage Entertainment), and Hamburg’s senator for economic affairs, Frank Horch, (seen left to right) in front of the Stage Theatre in the harbor.

We came up with a beautiful simulation of a sunrise for the occasion of the inauguration.

Musical performers of the original musical at the Hamburg harbor accompanied us to top off the inauguration of the miniature theatre with a marvelous performance.

Disney's "The Lion King" can be viewed by our miniature Wunderlanders as of today.

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