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09.11.2011, 11:15 hrs
Age: 6 Year(s)

Contest: Design of the official Miniatur Wunderland A380

Take part in our contest, and send in your idea until November 24th 2011

Finally, you have the possibility to make your proposal for the design of the first A380 of airline 'Knuffingen Airlines', the official Wunderland Airline. As we know that our fans and guests have great ideas, it's time for this little contest. In cooperation with HERPA, we will produce the winning design as a limited edition model. Also, conditionally, an aircraft (not an A 380) with your design may take off at Knuffingen Airport in the future. Send your most brilliant idea until November 24th 2011 to:


We will present all submissions in an album on Facebook. The Top 3 proposals collecting most „like“-clicks, will enter the finale. A jury will then choose the best f those three designs. Of course, the runner-ups will get rewarded, as well.

Design requirements:

Any type of design is welcome. You can use the vector file PDF, as well as the jpeg data file.
Alternatively, you can print out the template, and draw in your sketch.

Of course, the design must include a beautiful, distinct “Knuffingen Airlines”-logo designed by you. Make sure to integrate the lettering “Knuffingen Airlines” on the airplane. Please, do not use any other name for the airline.  Make sure to convert all lettering fonts into paths, in case you submit an eps-file.

For technical reasons, we can use vector files for logo and lettering in the production of the airplane model, only.
But even if you don’t have the possibility to use graphical software, you can still participate in this contest by submitting drawings, or scribbles of your ideas.
In this case, keep in mind, that they cannot be realized 1:1 in production. If you want to submit photos and/or drawings of your design, please send in file sizes of at least 300 dpi. We will process the winning design for production.

All designs are welcome, unless they include contents which are harmful to minors, racist, sexist, advocating violence, or religiously defaming.

And please, don’t forget to submit your design in eps-, tiff- jpeg-, or pdf- file formats of at least size 300 dpi, until November 24th 2011 to wettbewerb(@)minatur-wunderland.de

You might win following prizes:
1st prize: a voucher worth 500 € for our onlineshop. Even if you're not a model maker, you can find great goods, e.g. tickets, special event tickets, presents, etc.
2nd prize: an annual ticket for Miniatur Wunderland
3rd prize: a family pass – 2 adults and 2 kids

But, even if you're not artistically inclined, we need your help! On Facebook, you can vote for the best design with the „like“-button. Choose your favorite design here, and vote for the design by clicking „like“ beneath the picture! During next week we will publish the proposals one by one. You can submit your votes until November 27th 2011

Prospectively, the best proposal will be seen in continuous operation at Knuffingen Airport, in the future. For sure, it will be produced as a HERPA A380 model in a limited edition.

A little hint for all people submitting designs:
The proposals will not get published all at the same time. Rather, we will upload proposals at receipt. Voting is possible three days longer than the proposal submission deadline. So don't wait too long to submit your design, in order to give as many Facebook members as possible the chance to vote for your design. However, find a good balance in also taking your time in order to come up with a really great design. Of course, it'd be smart if you sent your link to your friends at Facebook.
We are waiting in anticipation for many creative designs, and a large participation in voting!

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