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29.12.2014, 17:46 hrs
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Annual Review 2014

Germany is World Champion, a new Logo, 300,000 facebook fans, and a new blog are just some of the highlights 2014 had to offer!

Another year draws to an end! It has become a tradition to recapitulate all events in an annual review. We had great many highlights! We hope that you can look back at the year 2014 full of satisfaction, too, and that you’ll start the New Year with confidence and anticipation. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Since February our new blog ‚Bella Italia 2.0’ is growing. True to its name, the blog is all about our new layout in construction: Italy. The construction is backed and documented in text (German only), and with impressive videos (English subtitles available on YouTube). It’s plain to see how much work and love for detail our model makers and technicians put into this layout. Find all reports here: http://italien.miniatur-wunderland.de/

Since March 30th we are proud to have the famous precinct house ‚Davidwache‘ in our Hamburg layout. It was inaugurated in the company of Senator Michael Neumann and Chief Constable Wolfgang Kopitsch. Ever since, even our miniature crooks are brought to heel.

That was such a giggle! Via the press and internet we spread the info that the Hamburg court issued a judicial order for us to remove all little figures in suggestive poses. Painstakingly our model makers put censor bars across each indecent scene. And yes, some readers actually bought it! BUT, what would Wunderland be without the nude scenes?! So, don’t you worry, we’ll show them in the future, too!

Since April, we have new input for all conspiracy theorists among us! In the ‘Bunker of Conspiracy’ none of the theories are missing. Elvis is alive, Bielefeld does not exist, Nessie and Bigfoot are no myths. The bunker is located in the Switzerland section underneath the Matterhorn Mountain. Find a video about the bunker here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBoxz8AQ4NM&feature=youtu.be

In May we had a special maiden voyage. True to the original, now the DT5 of the Hamburger Hochbahn is running in the Hamburg layout. Special feature: The passengers are copies of real HVV-users. In cooperation with the Hamburger Hochbahn we raffled off several ‘seats’. We printed 3D-miniature figures, which show an astounding resemblance with the winners. We wish them Happy Trails!

In May we has our first guest from Micronesia, followed by the first guest from Antigua and Barbuda in July! Now we’re curious to see when we’ll be able to erase the two remaining blank spots on the Wunderland guest map! Only guests from East Timor and Saint Lucia are still missing! And not only we will celebrate, our first guests originating from these countries can look forward to special treats as well: All persons accompanying the first guest (up to 50 friends and relatives) will get free admission, and a complete package including food, beverages, DVD, and other memories. We’re looking forward to it!

In May some of our colleagues from the model making department, and the technicians went on an exploratory trip to Italy – after all, you can only build true to the original of you experienced it personally. Liguria, Cinque Terre, Venice, the Amalfi coast, and Rome were on the itinerary. With a suitcase full of impressions and great memories our model makers now replicate their experiences now in the Italy layout. Of course, the impressions gathered on that journey were well documented: http://italien.miniatur-wunderland.de/style/bild/page/3/

Naturally, Wunderland was all excited about the World Championship this year! On the occasion we had our fun with many small and larger projects: The popular stop-motion videos featuring or football experts Bolle and Ernest, our own Championship song featuring the Hamburg artist das BO, many fan fests on our layout, and a suitable picture for each World Championship match. The pictures with the fourth star and the fan airplane actually became veritable hits in the WWW. The exuberant joy about the victory of the German team was gigantic! http://www.bolle-und-ernst.de/

This year we made it: We, or rather, our fans, cracked the benchmark of 300,000 facebook fans! We are exhilarated about all the reception we get via facebook, and the active communication we have with all Wunderland fans on social media like facebook. Yet another magical benchmark was cracked: Our YouTube video counted 15,000,000 views last summer, and by now, even more than 16,000,000!

In September we sent Hamburg citizens on a treasure hunt throughout the most beautiful city of the world. In 30 locations we‘ve hidden little scenes in Wunderland-style. Participants who were able to provide proof that he/she was able to find one or even all of the 30 scenes had the chance to win prizes worth 20,000 Euro in total.

Finished at last! Since December 2014 the musical tent of The Lion King is set on our layout. Because of our confined space it was not possible in the past. With a colorful and impressive show the tent was inaugurated at Wunderland! A Hamburg landmark which we don’t want to do without.

It took a long time, but finally, we have it! Since October we have a new logo. It was a rocky road until then. Some design blogs even accused us of being unprofessional by including our fans in the decision. In hindsight we’re glad we did. Besides a lot of good feedback we noticed that the perception of our Wunderland is so diverse, that it is difficult to present it in a highly compressed logo. Still, we think we succeeded.

This photo was shot when hurricane Xaver brought a storm flood to Hamburg in 2013. In the night beforehand, as soon as it became apparent that Xaver won’t be able to cause any serious damage to Wunderland, we dedicated our attention to the activities we love most: For the first time the AIDA cruise ship sailed the tide on the parking lot in front of our building! Who would’ve thought that that 1 year later, in November 2014, we would get the PR-Picture Award 2014 for this? We were thrilled!

In the beginning of 2015 the powers that be will decide whether Hamburg or Berlin will make it as applicant for the Olympics and Paralympics 2024 or 2028. We can hardly imagine anything greater than having the Olympics right in front of our door and to experience them live. In order to infect others with our euphoria, we started several projects. We’re anticipating the decision in February, and are on fire for the Olympic Games!