Exhibit and layout news

24.01.2013, 17:27 hrs
Age: 5 Year(s)

Annual Preview 2013

Hamburg, Germany, and the whole world have so much to offer in 2013: the international garden show and the Protestant Kirchentag (church day) are taking place in the Hanseatic City, the upcoming Bundestag election, the centenary of the German Lifeguard Association DLRG. It’s the year of the trout, the crabapple, and the pennywort aka. liverwort. After fifty years we still remember the famous sentence: “I have a dream!“. In Wunderland we’re not only dreaming, but working hard to make them happen.

Yes, we’ll meet the deadline!
The miniature conductor is ready, the orchestra assembled, and first tickets have been sold: We are ready for the Elbe Philharmonic Hall to come! After we laid the foundation stone of our miniature Philharmonic Hall in November 2012, our miniature architects and structural engineers are positive that the Grand Opening of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall can be celebrated in Summer 2013. Will we make it? Are we jinxed by the Elbe Philharmonic curse, as well? Time will tell…! Our technicians are busily working on a spectacular push-button action which will open up the concert hall. The urbanists have prepared the foundation plate of the HafenCity where the first constructions can be built and set, soon. Thus, Hamburg’s youngest town quarter will find its way into Wunderland.

Viva Italia!
In 2012 our chief model maker Gerhard Dauscher took off for a great adventure in Italy. He was on a quest to find the most beautiful cities, the most gorgeous coastlines, and the most famous buildings of the country. He returned with great many ideas in his luggage. His wish-list for the Italian layout includes the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre, and Rome, of course. To build a miniature version of the Saint Peter’s Cathedral has been a long-held dream of the entire model maker team. Some other highlights of the capital city will be the terminus and the Roman street cars. The active volcano Vesuvius is virtually predestined to become apush-button action, and at the foot of the lava mountain the monument Pompeii will arise. Naples and Venice will follow, whereby no-one knows where to get hold of so many minature pigeons. In the workshops we’ll start to prepare about 100 m² of layout areas for Italy beginning springtime 2013. First we need a foundation, meaning a wooden table, staging yards, and base panels for all elements. Only then we can start with all those surface details – we are looking forward to it already!

10 million, 100 thousand, and 40 million
In 2013 Miniatur Wunderland is facing gigantic numbers: By mid-January 10 million people from all over the world had watched our image video on YouTube. Of course, our fans played a big part in this success, but also Hollywood stars like Elija Wood and Neil Patrick Harris, who recommended the video in the www, added to this success.
Also in January, we will be able to welcome the 100.000th Miniatur Wunderland fan on Facebook. Whoever will “like” us on Facebook at any time soon, and happens to do it at the right moment, will receive our 100.000th-fan-prize. On our homepage we expect an even higher number: In the near future we will crack the 40-million-benchmark!

The largest miniature garden and the smallest worship service in the world.
The hometown of Miniatur Wunderland is host of guests from all over the world in 2013: From April 2013on, plant and landscape aficionados will flock to Harburg in order to see the international garden show IGA under the motto: “Around the World in 80 gardens”. Of course, the world’s largest miniature garden is a must! Across an area of round-about 3 square meters colourful meadows will flourish in our Hamburg section. But befor the decorating, there will be tedious work: To glue more than 150.000 single miniature flowers, our model makers and their volunteers will take estimated 2.500 working hours.
In May the Hanseatic City will welcome about 100.000 guests of the Protestant Kirchentag (church day). For the worship service one of the 16 miniature church replicas and 24 fantasy churches in Wunderland will be well-suited – but we won’t reveal too much at this point! However, it will be worth your while to visit us on this event on May 1st 2013. In the Fall Germany’s Bundestag election will be carried out, and it will be – remember Utopia 2009 - a topic in Wunderland, again.

More comfort for guests waiting in line
In all of Germany, Wunderland’s waiting line system remains unmatched: Where else will you get drinks for free while you’re waiting? Nowhere, but here! For the future we want to sugar-coat the pill of having to wait in line even more. Therefore, a new waiting area is being constructed right now. Right on time for Easter vacation it should be done in the raw. Afterwards, between springtime and summer – our craftsmen will continue with a new kitchen in the waiting zone. Here we will not only serve free drinks, but also snacks like our popular giant currywurst, to small prices.