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16.01.2012, 09:20 hrs
Age: 6 Year(s)

Annual Outlook 2012

There are many myths surrounding the year 2012. It’s certain that Wunderland will move on, and many new things will arise. We will begin a new layout, open a special exhibition, we will have many constructional changes, and we expect many things unplanned so far. Here, an overview of the most important events:

March/April 2012: Opening of the special exhibition „ History of the World“
Since August last year, the whole model making department is busy with just one project – the biggest and most ambitious special exhibition named “History of the World”. In this exhibition, eight diorama of 1 square meter each will show the development of civilization in Germany. Almost each one of 3000 figures is made by hand, and the buildings are representing their era in detail. Thanks to the support of the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung (transl. State Agency for Political Education) we were able to reach an unprecedented richness of detail. Thanks to the show “Galileo” it will come to life. At the moment Thomas Furch’s team is filming a special broadcast showing our special exhibition in spectacular footage, taking the audience on an informative journey through German history. 

Summer 2012 – Opening of the 2nd floor
Rightfully so, some visitors were complaining that there are too few seats in our bistro, and that there is not enough space in the shop and entrance area. We took these complaints to heart. For almost a year by now, we are working on a new bistro, shop and entrance on the second floor. After the opening, we’ll finally have more space, a wider range of foods, and the possibility to take a seat comfortably. The most important reason for this reconstruction, however, is the enlargement of our layout. As soon as bistro, shop, and entrance have moved to the second floor, we will progress filling the third floor with new layouts. 

August / September 2012 – Beginning of the Italy layout construction 

We will start with the Italy layout bordering Switzerland. At the moment we are drafting and drawing first plans for this layout. We are facing a hard challenge with this layout: How to meld all different expectations and images visitors have about Italy in a fairly small area? Many expect to see Rome, Venice, Pisa surrounded by Tuscany, South Tyrol, and the Adriatic coastline. It seems impossible to realize on 150 square meters. Still, we are very much looking forward to this layout, and are coming up with first solutions, already. 

Fall 2012 - 10.000.000 visitors
Sometime next fall it will happen: the 10 millionth visitor will enter Wunderland. We are looking forward to that day, already, and are working on ideas to make it a very special day. 

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