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28.09.2010, 16:27 hrs
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Visiting the Hospital Carrefour

What happened with our 70.000 Euro donation?

We went on our journey for several reasons. First, we wanted to get a picture of the situation on site, and we wanted to find new approaches for direct help. Second, we wanted to give credit to the people for their great work in the past month, and third, we wanted to visit the hospital which was the beneficiary of the 70.000 Euro emergency aid. The two reasons last mentioned led us to Carrefour, where the hospital is located. Here, we met the hospital managers, who told us about their work after the earthquake, and about the condition of the building. Many hospitals were damaged so severely, that working was virtually impossible. Fortunately, this hospital had only a few cracks in the roof, which made work for the physicians difficult, but not impossible. Water was dripping through the cracks into the operating theatres, making surgery extremely difficult.Right after the earthquake they had built a makeshift tent in the front court of the hospital. Surgeries were carried out 24/7 after the catastrophe. Usually, the hospital is laid-out for 200 patients only. In the days following the earthquake round about 1000 patients were bedded all over the property. There was a vast lack of medications, equipment, beds, and tents. A large portion of the emergency aid was used to cover these immediate necessities. Meanwhile, the building has been repaired rather rough and ready; all rooms are restored for use. The cracks in the roof are closed, so operation theatres are fit for surgeries, again. On our walkabout with Nathan, deputy hospital director, we still see traces of the earthquake, everywhere – in people and on buildings. On our tour, we are being greeted friendly by many people. Nathan explains that these people know we had raised funds. He said, that our donation, and those of many others, has saved innumerous lives, and asked us to deliver their thanks to everyone involved. And this is what we want to do, now. A thousand times thank you for all your support. With your help many lives were saved, and the conditions in which the ill and afflicted live could be improved.In case you want to continue helping the people of Haiti, please read the news article about our new project.  



Here, you can see the last traces of the damaged roof. The remaining leaky spots were covered with tarp.


Nowadays, the hospital has taken up its normal everyday tasks as well, as seen here, in the children’s medical unit. Right after the earthquake, there were more than 1000 patients, with open wounds, severe bone fractures, contusions and burns on this property.


We are sitting in the office of the hospital director. She’s showing us pictures from the time right after the earthquake. It is hard to imagine, how they were able to work under these conditions. They managed, nonetheless, with great success in healing many patients.

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