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21.09.2010, 14:29 hrs
Age: 7 Year(s)

Visiting HELP – Help for Self-help (transl.) e.V.

Sixth report Tuesday Sept 21st 2010

The next destination on our travels is HELP – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. (German organization to help people help themselves). By now, we are on the road for eleven hours, were stuck in traffic for many hours, have talked to many people, and have seen situations, which we have never experienced in such a fierce manner before.  
We have the greatest respect for the daily accomplishments of the development aid workers, and what people have been enduring for months now, because we are exhausted after eleven hours, already.
Filled with these ponderings we are standing beside a soccer field, crowded with youths and children, who are enthusiastically playing - full of energy in this stuffy heat. We are waiting for Heiko Ruhf, the logistician of the Organization HELP. He’s approaching us with forceful steps, greeting us vigorously. Later on, he drops the hint that he had worked only 80 hours this week…
He’s leading us through the camp which HELP build up in the past months. He’s informing us about everyday problems, and his worries about possible future hurricanes or earthquakes.
Also the organization HELP desperately needs every Euro they can get. If you want to support HELP or one of the other organizations financially, you can donate to this address:

Beneficiary: Aktion Deutschland hilft e.V.
Subject: Miniatur Wunderland hilft Haiti
Donation account IBAN (Swift) DE62 3702 0500 0000 1020 30
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, BIC: BFSWDE33XXX


Just as ADRA, HELP is intensively supporting the construction of shelters. In contrast to many others, these houses are not built to hold up temporarily, but for ten years or even much longer.


The focus of the HELP project in Canapé Vert is an infirmary built and run with the cooperation of the Malteser organization (German Caritas), which provides medical care to 180 families.


Also HELP has strict allocations. First, single mothers, physically impaired, and elderly people get their home.

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