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28.09.2010, 16:27 hrs
Age: 7 Year(s)

Our last station – Visiting Dr. Foblas

Presenting the new Miniatur Wunderland Aid Project

Our journey has almost come to an end. Last day’s experiences will stay with us for a long time to come. Never before, we have seen so much suffering, misery, and destruction. Nonetheless, under these adverse conditions we could still sense hope and confidence, and we met many people full of zest for action.
In conclusion, we want to report about such a person and a project which nurtures the hope of thousands of people. In our first report, we mentioned that our journey does not only serve to review our project, and to pay respect to all helpers, but especially to search for a project, which can be supported by Miniatur Wunderland directly, without friction loss or bureaucracy.

Indeed, we found such a project. In the quarter Croix-des Bouquets bordering Port-au-Prince, about 16.000 people lost their houses due to the earthquake. Now they live under precarious conditions. They have little to eat, no clean water, no sanitary facilities, and all too often, no roof for shelter.

This is where Dr. Joseph Foblas is fighting for the afflicted population in cooperation with AWO International (German humanitarian Organisation). The Haitian doctor engages himself for the needs of the Haitian people for more than 20 years, now. His organization Centre de Santé et de Developpement Intégré (CSDI), also known as Bon Samaritian, has started to build up refugee camps, and child-friendly locations for the afflicted, right after the earthquake struck.

In the past month, they were able to make a big difference. With sweat and passion they constructed housings for about 1000 people in four refugee camps. Basic medical treatment has been ensured, and the first part of a school has been built.

Still, there’s lack at all corners. This is where we want to help directly. Dr. Foblas and Nicole Bergmann (Haiti’s representative of Aktion Deutschland hilft e.V.) gave us a list of direly needed materials. We now want to buy these items, and we are hoping for your support. You can choose an item from the list which you want to sponsor, or simply donate a portion of the sum.

Please, transfer your donation to:

Beneficiary: Aktion Deutschland hilft e.V.
Subject heading: Wunderland hilft Haiti
Donation account IBAN (Swift) DE62 3702 0500 0000 1020 30
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, BIC: BFSWDE33XXX
In the subject heading, please write:
„Wunderland hilft Haiti“
Then the purpose, e.g. „Gas oven“
Requirements list for the refugee camp

A) Kitchen and cooking equipment
3 kitchen huts (for oven, equipment and work tops    301 Euro
1 gas oven with pipes, connections, gas bottles, cooking equipment   
                                                                                  2238 Euro
1 wooden table and 4 wooden chairs                         150 Euro

B) Medical supply
Wood cabin for basic medical treatment with concrete base (25-30 sqm)   
                                                                                  2251 Euro

C) School supplies
40 wooden benches (8 per class room)                         38 Euro per bench
40 wooden tables (8 per class room)                            38 Euro per table
5 tables and 5 chairs for teachers                                 53 Euro per set
5 chalk boards                                                               41 Euro per board

D) Kindergarten equipment
20 child-size wooden benches                                       38 Euro per bench
20 child-size wooden tables                                          38 Euro per table
4 drawing boards                                                          41 Euro per board
toys                                                                             100 Euro flat

If you want to take on an item, simply comment on which item you choose.


However, first activities have improved the lives of children in the camp of Croix-des Bouquets, already. The foundations for two schools are already standing. We want to help equipping these schools.


For 20 years now, the organisation CSDI is committed to the well-being of Haitian families. But there’s still a long way to go.


Specifically at Dr. Foblas’ camp, there are a large percentage of children. The greatest mission of the organisation is to create “Child Friendly Spaces”, a place suitable for kids.


Momentarily, they are cooking underneath a palm tree. Women are preparing food for several hundreds of people at an open fireplace. A kitchen is desperately needed.


Dr. Foblas introduces to us the council of the camp. From the beginning, he took care that the inhabitants of the camps organize themselves, and create new structures.


Nonetheless, conditions for living are still extremely hard. At temperatures between 35° – 40°C, up to 8 persons are living in one single tent for month, now.


The living conditions in the camp have improved a little. Dr. Foblas has managed to organize a tent for all people, to restore some order, to ensure basic medical treatment, and to build first dwellings for the children.


The surroundings of the camp are still terrible. Garbage and rubble, everywhere. With 1000 flat-bed trailers, it will take an estimated 10 years to remove all the debris from Port-au-Prince.