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16.09.2010, 10:09 hrs
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On a visit in Haiti

First report, Tuesday, Sept 14th 2010.

Right after the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January this year, we had started the initiative „Wunderland helps Haiti“. The complete admissions of one day were donated, parts of Wunderland were auctioned off, benefiting the people of Haiti, and special donation pins were sold. Most of all, we experienced the help our longstanding fans, who supported this initiative with small and big donations. Thus, we were able to raise more than 70.000€.
We did not just want to transfer the donations and get back to business as usual. Instead, we looked for a specific project which we could accompany long term. In cooperation with the initiative Aktion Deutschland hilft e.V, we came across a University hospital in Port-au-Prince. Their roof structure and medical devices were severely damaged, hindering the physicians’ important labour. That’s where we wanted to help.
The funds raised in Wunderland were put at their disposal to 100% - first for the immediate medical emergency, later for the reconstruction of the roof. Nine months have passed since this catastrophe, which cost about 300.000 lives, the money has arrived, and the hospital is almost rebuilt. It was time to for us take a look in person, and to give you a report on the whereabouts of the money, whom it helped, and where aid is needed, still.
In the past months, the public interest for the lives and problem of the Haitian people has waned in Germany. Often it is said, that unbelievable sums of money were donated to Haiti, and that now life is back to normal, again. Is that actually true? We have our doubts about that. In or preliminary talks we learned that some problems have been solved, but the hardship still persists.
Up to now, about 1.2 million people still live in tents and shacks, debris turns the town into an unsafe place, and people still suffer from poverty, illness, and criminality.
We neither know what to expect in Haiti, nor how to cope with the impressions of devastation. We only know that we want to face it. We would love to take you with us on our journey. In the upcoming days we will present several projects, report about our experiences, and will suggest possibilities how to help further. In this section, we will try to report daily with photos.
If you have questions or want further information, don’t hesitate to contact us by email:
Frederik Braun (info [@] or Sebastian Drechsler kontakt [@]

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