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17.09.2010, 14:29 hrs
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First impressions from Haiti

Second report, Wednesday, Sept 15th 2010.

We just arrived in Haiti, and last hours’ images and impressions are hard to put in words. From wonderful New York we flew with Delta Airlines over the Caribbean paradise surrounded by azure waters.

When Haiti shows up at the horizon, it also looks like paradise at first glance. But on our approach already it’s obvious that something is quite wrong here. Underneath our plane we see tin-roofed shacks side by side, and debris everywhere. With mixed feelings we leave the Airport and find ourselves in the middle of chaos.
No paradise here. On contrary, we look upon suffering and misery surrounding us. On the way to the centre of town we are passing streets looking like stone pits, hundreds of thousands of makeshift tents and wooden shacks. Among it all are thousands of people defecating in the garbage and rubble, mothers nursing their newborns in the roadside ditch, men, women, and children branded by the earthquake. It looks as if the catastrophe happened just yesterday. Only our first few meters in this country are heart-wrenching.
These poor people are completely defenceless in face of this misery. What would happen to these people if nature hits again, is inconceivable. On our arrival, there was news about a hurricane to make things worse. We are shuddering thinking about it.
What can’t be described in words, we try to show in pictures.


The earthquake didn’t spare anyone. It hit children, old people, men, and women, all the same. There were estimated 200.000 – 400.000 deaths. Almost everyone lost some friend or relative; the mother her husband, the child its’ father.


Entire town quarters were levelled. About 1.2 million people a re homeless. Some districts look like an expanse of rubble.


Dangerous buildings close to collapse were marked by the Government, but only few obey these regulations. Privation forces people to take fatal risks. Still, many people die from unsafe debris, and buildings collapsing.


In spite of all adversity there’s life! Wherever we go we meet warm and friendly people. It seems almost unbelievable, considering their hardship, not only during the past months.


The region skirting Port-au-Prince looks like a war zone. It will take years to reconstruct everything. We can only pray that this country won’t be struck by a hurricane or landslide. The consequences would be terrible. Only these few hours in Haiti show that this country is far from normal for years. We have never seen people who live under those awful conditions in our lives. Luckily, there are many organisations trying to cope with this catastrophe. In the upcoming days we will visit some of them, and report about their labour and our experiences. We must not forget Haiti, we must not forget these people, and we would be very happy to see you accompanying us on our venture – in spirit, at least. If you want to help as well, you can of course. Beneficiary: Aktion Deutschland hilft e.V. Subject: Miniatur Wunderland hilft Haiti Donation account IBAN (Swift) DE62 3702 0500 0000 1020 30 Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, BIC: BFSWDE33XXX

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