24.12.2007 at 00:00 hrs
Age: 10 Year(s)

A day and a night through Switzerland

One the longest and most beautiful train rides

This long (very long) ride last more than six and a half minutes and takes us from the underground station Porta Alpina through the Ticino to the foothills of the Matterhorn and back. This trip takes so much time that we need drive all night to reach our final destination...

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schrieb am 25.03.2009 um 12:07 Uhr
For a few moments of watching this video, I had to think whether I was looking at a model railway exhibition or the real thing !...then I saw the giant on the track side !. Well done to all concerned and will make plans to visit soon.

schrieb am 26.03.2009 um 14:49 Uhr
This was really cool you got my toddler to sit still for six and a half minutes. This would be great as a screen saver. Love it hope to visit soon.

schrieb am 31.03.2009 um 19:59 Uhr

Found this video nothing short of amazing.

schrieb am 29.05.2009 um 04:47 Uhr
When I had the priviledge to visit the exebition, the Swiss area was not finished yet. Never the less, I give my credits to all involved in the Wunderland, excellent job, well done. The Swiss area couldnĀ“t be better!

schrieb am 14.06.2009 um 07:03 Uhr
I am a retired rail engineer and really appreciate
travel by rail in such beautiful surroundings.
Don Luchterhand

schrieb am 28.06.2009 um 03:40 Uhr
Amazing, that was the most amazing, involved, detailed, minutre world I have ever seen, my first trip to europe will be to see it and experience it in person

schrieb am 05.07.2009 um 06:46 Uhr
Very nice scenery. You've outdone yourselves.
But there is no audio and because it is a flash FLV file, it is not as sharp as your mp4 video of Austria. If you could reconvert the video and add the audio, I think it will be even better. :)

schrieb am 27.08.2009 um 16:10 Uhr
absolutly amazing so much detail wish i could make my own model railway this good hope to visit in near future

schrieb am 26.11.2009 um 15:17 Uhr
Great ride with 6 and half minutes. I feel like ride 100 times. Wonderful design track and build.
I wish I keep all to my house to keep busy when i will retired soon.

schrieb am 30.07.2011 um 17:15 Uhr
Dude, right on there btorher.

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