25.11.2009 at 10:42 hrs
Age: 8 Year(s)

Maintaining and Charging the Car System Vehicles

If you were already curious about what is happening with our car system vehicles behind the scenes, watch this MiWuLa TV report closely.

Between the layouts Knuffingen and Airport, there is a specifically constructed service area for servicing the vehicles. As soon as the computer realizes, that the batteries of a vehicle run low, it automatically sends it to our charging station. On a regular basis, the vehicles are being maintained by our technicians..

Exclusively in this report, one of our electricians explains the whole procedure.

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schrieb am 01.12.2009 um 02:37 Uhr
Too bad audio is not in English. Trying to watch the video and read subtitles just doesn't work for me. Seems to me if you can do subtitles, you should be able to voice over in English, too.

schrieb am 19.01.2010 um 00:51 Uhr
How do you see subtitles in English? The only ones I can see are in German.

schrieb am 19.01.2010 um 00:56 Uhr
OK, I have figured the subtitles out now. Interesting video.

schrieb am 23.02.2010 um 21:25 Uhr
very interesting, would love to know how the whole system for the trucks and cars work. would be great if it was available for the general public. bet it is somewhere!

schrieb am 01.06.2010 um 01:11 Uhr
So give me a hint. How do you get the sub titles. Seems rather diffuicult to find out how to get it in English

schrieb am 28.08.2010 um 20:24 Uhr
This is an amazing achievement. I like the video only I find it a little odd that the narrator is wearing a sweat top with English words and the sound track is German and it appears that the subtitles are also German. Please post an English version I am too old to learn German.

Once again great job

schrieb am 25.09.2010 um 12:16 Uhr
Ich frage mich, wie die Fahrzeuge gearbeitet. Dann fand ich dieses Video.
Das Video war sehr gut. Ich genoss das Lernen, wie alles funktioniert. Ich
hoffe, Sie k├Ânnen diese Bemerkung zu verstehen. Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch.

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